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What is Visual Fatigue Syndrome?


Visual Fatigue Syndrome is caused by focusing on objects, such as computers, that are 1 to 3 feet away for extended periods of time. 

The symptoms of Visual Fatigue Syndrome are not only bothersome, they can also be painful, reduce the enjoyment of your day, and reduce the quality of your work.

Symptoms Include:

Tired eyes



Neck and back pain

These are the symptoms many suffer after long hours on the computer or participating in “close-up” activities like working on small devices like a cell phone, playing an instrument, sewing, or reading.


 Designed for younger patients (below 40)

 This lens provides a “power boost” area in the lower potion of the lens for near-vision work.  It provides greater comfort than standard vision correction, thanks to the added benefit of the “power boost” near vision lens area.  This lens is intened as a first pair or a replacement to single vision lenses.

Designed for patients over 40

 Standard progessive lenses have a smaller intermediate (computer range) area that is not designed for long-term computer and intermediate work.  The Essilor Computer lens features a larger intermediate area for more relaxed and comfortable vision while on the computer or reading at near.