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Xperio Polarized Sunglass Lenses


Polarized sunglass lenses add many benefits over standard tinted sunglass lenses.  While both types of lenses add brightness reduction and UV protection, polarized lenses help reduce glare, increase clarity, enhance color contrast and do not fade over time.


Benefits of polarized lenses over tinted lenses

Reduced glare. Polarized lenses reduce glare that can create eye strain while outdoors, especially around water and the snow.  In addition, polarized lenses can make driving safer by reducing glare that would make seeing the road ahead of your difficult.

Increased clarity and contrast.  By filtering out the glare that would otherwise wash out what we see in our environment, polarized lenses help increase contrast and decrease the amount of light that washes out what we see.  This results in increased clarity and more vibrant colors.