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Varilux Progressive Addition Lenses


If you are over forty and having difficulty with your vision, you have more choices today than ever before. You don’t have to carry a separate pair of glasses for reading, or even wear lined bifocal lenses like your parents did.

Beyond the cosmetic benefit of no line, progressive lenses, sometimes referred to as no-line bifocals, also offer better eye comfort. Traditional bifocals only provide one defined area of the lens for near vision correction and one defined area of the lens for distance vision correction.

These divisions in the lens create image jump when your eyes move from one distance zone to another. Also, many individuals are reluctant to wear bifocals because they see these glasses as a symbol of getting older.

Bifocal lenses feature:

  • Visible line across lens
  • Image jump from one distance to another
  • No intermediate vision area

Varilux Progressive lenses feature:

  • No line across lens
  • Smooth transitions between visual fields
  • Clear, comfortable vision at all distances