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High-Index and Polycarbonate lenses


High-index eyeglass lenses are the right choice if you want thinner, lighter lenses and eyeglasses that are as attractive and comfortable as possible. Thinner, lighter high-index lenses are especially recommended if you have a strong eyeglass prescription for nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism.

Polycarbonate eyeglass lenses are a type of high-index lens that are also scratch and impact resistant and protect your eyes from UV.  This material is highly recommended for people in jobs that are high risk for eye injury and for anyone under the age of 18.

Advantages of High-Index Lenses

Thinner. Because of their ability to bend light more efficiently, high-index lenses for nearsightedness have thinner edges and high-index lenses for farsightedness have a thinner center than lenses with the same prescription power that are made of conventional plastic or polycarbonate material.

 Lighter. Thinner lenses require less lens material, which reduces the overall weight of the lenses. Lenses made of high-index plastic are lighter than the same lenses made in conventional plastic, so they’re more comfortable to wear.

 Lightweight lenses are even more of a benefit for farsighted prescriptions, which can make conventional lenses very heavy. And most high-index lenses also have an aspheric design, which gives them a slimmer, more attractive profile and reduces the magnified “bug-eye” look that conventional lenses cause in strong farsighted prescriptions.


Advantages of Polycarbonate lenses

Thinner. Polycarbonate bends light more efficiently than conventional plastic material.  As a result, lenses made of polycarbonate will be overall thinner than lenses made of a conventional plastic material.

 Lighter. Since less lens material is used to make a polycarbonate lens, they will also be lighter than a lens made form a conventional plastic.

 Scratch and impact resistance.  Polycarbonate lenses are treated with a special hard coating that make them more resistant to scratches and impact.  This is especially helpful for those that get a lot of wear and tear on their glasses, people working in jobs at high risk for an eye injury, and children.

 UV protection.  Polycarbonate material naturally blocks UV light.  This helps protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays.